Rani’s Ultra White Exfoilator


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Rani’s Exfoliator Benefits

Rani’s Ultra White Exfoliator is a groundbreaking skincare marvel meticulously crafted to
transcend ordinary exfoliation. This extraordinary formula not only sweeps away accumulated
impurities with unparalleled efficacy but also unveils a canvas of luxuriously soft and impeccably
refined skin. Immerse yourself in the transformative experience as this exfoliator delicately
eradicates dead cells, unfurling a resplendent tapestry of renewed radiance. Brace yourself for a
revelation of a more youthful, vibrant, and revitalized skin—a testament to the unrivaled
prowess of Rani’s Ultra White Exfoliator. Elevate your skincare routine and bask in the unveiling
of a better, younger, and altogether rejuvenated complexion.

INGREDIENTS- Crushed apricot kernel,
Almonds and shells, fruit enzymes, aloe Vera.
Kiwi extract, papaya seeds, ispaghol, dates And many more precious herbs

HOW TO USE-Apply Rani’s Ultra White Exfoliator
On face specially the affected area (nose & cheeks)
Leave for 1 minute, then remove exfoliator by tap
Tapping on the face with two fingers. After removing
Exfoliator, Rinse the face with water. It will remove all
The dirt from skin as well as removing all black & white
Heads and will make your skin fresh & glowing
Note: Avoid Eye Area


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