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Beauty Is the First Present Nature has Given to the Women and the First She Cares for

— Rani’s Herbal Products

Looking Beautiful is the ambition of every women. She ever had used all techniques & recipes to maintain & enhance her beauty. In every era beauticians & scientists have recommended Herbal recipes to give a greater look & beautify women. It is fair to mention here that Cleopatra (Beauty Queen) & Queen Elizabeth always applied Herbs, which made them exemplary beautiful. Herbs play am important role to enhance beauty. Equally, in Europe & Asia Herbs are used to make effective cosmetic products to get rid off daily beauty skin problems.

These Products are easy to use & provide satisfactory results.Rani’s Herbal products are especially developed to keep in mind the daily beauty problems. These products give shine, glow & good look to you.

About Rani Anees

Rani Anees – affectionately referred as Rani Appa by her friends, clients and acquaintances – is the first female herbalist in Pakistan and is also an established and well-recognized beautician with her beauty salon ‘Rani Beauty Parlor’ flourishing for more than three decades.

Her closeness to nature and her intense desire to cure the many skin problems faced by the people formed the basis of her interest in herbs, and it was more than 12 years back when Rani Appa introduced her first herbal products in the market. Since then she has continued to prosper and has now created an exclusive niche for herself in a competitive market.

Rani Appa comes from a family of Hakeems;. Her husband HAKEEM ANIS UR REHMAN was also a renowned Hakeem and used to be a regular guest in television programs on leading channels. She has kept the tradition of her forefathers alive by following the principles of ‘Tibb-e-Nabwi’ while preparing her herbal products. Rani Appa herself is the life and soul of several TV programs in which she’s invited, where based on her wide experiences, she gives valued advice on skin related issues and passes on valuable beauty tips to the callers. She’s now considered a household name across the country.

Rani herbal products are approved by the PCSIR Laboratory, and are widely known for their effectiveness and have absolutely no side effects. These have been developed through extensive research and keeping in mind the local environment. Her products are the outcome of decades of experience and expertise, which she has gained through her passion, zeal, and commitment towards her clients.

While her preference is on herbal beauty treatment, Rani Appa has kept herself abreast with the conventional and modern developments in the field. In this regard, she did the MTI course, which is an international makeup course, from Bangkok. Rani Appa’s popularity as an eminent makeup artist, beautician and herbalist has grown rapidly and traversed the geographical boundaries of Pakistan. She’s the proud recipient of numerous awards, including the Best Makeup Artist Award in a UK &DaburAmla beautician contest held in Karachi, Best Makeup Bride of Karachi Award in 1998, Best Makeup Artist of Asia Award in 2007, Best Herbalist of Ladies Herbal Products Award in 2008, First Lady Herbalist of Pakistan Award, etc. She has also won Best Bridal Awards in countless other events. As a testimony to her eminence and stature, she’s regularly invited as a judge in many beautician competitions.

Rani Appa has her sights on the stars and with sky is the limit, Rani Appa has the aspiration to continue creating vivid impression in the beauty industry with better and newer herbal products catering to the growing requirements of her clients.

Rani Appa continues to leave an indelible mark as a renowned makeup artist, beautician, and herbalist, shaping the landscape of beauty and wellness for years to come.

About Hakeem Mustafa Anees

Our mission is to serve the people for saving their health and get awareness regarding all kinds of health problems. We positively go in to the depth of the disease to ever cure the body always. By herbs, natural science we treat the body infertility male and female with general diseases for human beings.

Hakeem Mustafa Anees is well known Herbalist and has been credited many times for his knowledge and research in herbal medicine.

Because herbal medicine is the best natural way to cure a disease without as much side effects even no side effects at all.

Hakim Mustafa Anees is a gifted physician/herbalist famous for his expertise in pulse reading. His father late Hakeem anees Ur Rahman was renowned and famous herbalist for his expertise in contextual/lifestyle medicines, human temperaments and pulse reading. So Hakim Mustafa Anees since child hood takes interest in herbal medicines AND PULSE READING. After graduating from   Tib College 2015 he started consultancy and practicing on behalf of his father and began a new chapter in his life. He is in media since 2000 .he has always been invited at various morning shows realted to tib/health/medicine/tips like tvone morning show (ap ka shair) gtv morning show (G Utha Pakistan) jaag tv (chai time) abbtak morning show    (News Cafe Morning Show). He practices as a herbal consultant where people reach him and discuss their problems personally… He is a youngest herbalist/Hakeem in his companions He has success stories that make him a wonderful role model. He is a man who not only dared to dream, but also had the courage to transform the dream into reality.  His journey of success has  just begin he have to go many a miles inshallah.

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The product is really nice and the results are clear and good.
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All the Products Are Owsum As Herbal is Slow but best result giving products.
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